Kami berkomitmen untuk memberikan pelayanan optimal serta pengalaman terbaik bagi masing-masing pelanggan kami.

Desain Sistem

PT. Chandrakarya Dharmajaya are qualified to undertake the complete system design of integrated projects so that the individual systems work in a seamless and trouble free manner, meeting the exacting needs of each and every customer.

Manajemen Project

Project are managed professionally by a group of trained project engineers who ensure delivery of the complete solution to the customers needs on time and within specifications.

Pusat Perbaikan

PT. Chandrakarya Dharmajaya is the authorized repair centre of BOSCH communication & Security products. It maintains a well equipped workshop manned by competent and trained staff to provide prompt technical support to all its customers.

Kontrak Program Pemeliharaan

PT. Chandrakarya Dharmajaya provides a wide range of maintenance contracts to meet specific requirements of different customers.

Fasilitas Uji Kelayakan

Comprehensive acceptance test are performed to demonstrate the systems capabilities ensuring the equipment conforms to international standards.

Suku Cadang

PT. Chandrakarya Dharmajaya supplies genuine spares as recommended by the manufacturers.